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Sam's Club BBQ Tour

OCTOBER 7, 2017
Sam's Club #4960
2101 SE Simple Savings Dr.
Bentonville, AR

2017 National Pro BBQ Tour

Team Registration Rules & Procedures

  1. The entry fee for each contest is $250, regardless of whether it is local, regional or national.

  2. All local qualifiers are limited to 30 teams and registration will be on a first-come basis. Once 30 teams are confirmed, 10 teams will be allowed to sign up for a waiting list. If a confirmed team drops out of the event, the first team on the waiting list will be offered the spot. That team will have 24 hours to pay the entry fee before the next team in line is offered the spot. Regional contests are limited to 30 teams; and the National Championship will be limited to 50 teams.

  3. While a team is on a wait list for its preferred contest, that team will now be able to register for a second contest (which may have open team positions at the time) WITHOUT jeopardizing the team's original wait list position during the process. However, if the team is successful in registering for the second contest, that team's wait list position on the first contest will be forfeited and opened up to another team. During the process of seeking an open slot at a second contest, if the team ends up on a second waiting list, this will be the maximum number of attempts the team can make to enter the Sam's Club National BBQ Tour. When or if the team makes it into a contest via the wait list, then the team's second wait list position will be forfeited and made available to another team on the wait list. The online programming for this process will be an automatic process.

  4. To ensure fairness for all KCBS teams, the first registration period will start Jan. 10 at 8:00 PM EST. All local contests will be open for registration during this time. Registration will remain open for each event until 30 competing spots are confirmed for each 25 local qualifiers and the wait list of 10 teams is full. Registration will then close for that event.

    All registrations will be handled online. Each contest will have an indicator that shows how many teams have applied for that contest, and it will also have an indicator to show how many teams have been confirmed. Confirmation will occur after teams have registered online and then made payment via credit card to the KCBS office. After a team has registered for an event they will have 48 hours to complete their payment before their spot will be released to the next available waiting team. Once a contest has all 30 teams filled and confirmed, the names of the teams for that event will be made public via the KCBS web site. Team names will NOT be released until a full field in each contest has been achieved.

    If a team on a waitlist elects to compete in a different event and successfully registers, the system will notify the team that they have been removed from their previous waitlist.

  5. Teams do not have to live in or be from any particular region and may choose to register in any region of their choice. If a team wins a local contest, that team must compete in the regional event that is tied to the particular local contest they won.

  6. In the event that some local competitions are not completely full, an Open Registration period will begin on Jan 25 at 12:00 PM EST. The Open Registration period will allow a team that is already registered for an event to register for another event that has openings.

    A team can only compete in one regional event. It is the first regional event that they quality for. After qualifying for a regional event, if a team competes in an additional local event and finishes in the top six (or otherwise qualifying position), that qualifying spot will be passed down to the next highest scoring team.

    The Open Registration period will remain available until every position is filled. While the open registration period allows for a team to compete in two local events, a team may not separately register for multiple events UNTIL the Open Registration period begins.

  7. To ensure fairness for all KCBS teams, a team's head cook and team members cannot enter the assigned cooking area of another team at another Sam's Club contest. If it is determined that a head cook or team member is abusing this rule, both teams will be disqualified.

  8. Competitors who wish to judge at events may do so provided that they are not judging in the same Region where they are also competing.

  9. All local qualifiers will be run and sanctioned by the KCBS. All Regional contests and the National competition will be run as a KCBS Competitor Series because they are considered invitational by rule. Per the KCBS Board of Directors, teams will earn Team of Year points for ALL Sam's Tour events.

  10. The person that initially registers for an event will be designated as the head cook and the team's head cook cannot be changed after registration. If your team qualifies for a Regional Event, the Head Cook that was registered at your qualifying event must be in attendance at the Regional Event. If your team qualifies to go to the National Event, the Head Cook that was registered at the Local and Regional Events must be in attendance at the National Event. If he/she is not in attendance, your team will be disqualified. (Passed by KCBS BOD on March 23, 2011).

  11. If a team qualifies for a Regional or the National and cannot attend the event, the opening will be announced and passed down to the next highest point qualifier from the Local or Regional event where the nonparticipating qualifying team came from. The team itself can NOT transfer the qualified entry to another team in any way, form or fashion. As for a Local event where a confirmed team chooses not to participate, or simply can't participate, then the next registered team for the event will be given a chance to make payment and confirm their participation into that Local event.

  12. Cancellation Policy: Teams that opt out less than 30 days prior to an event will be eligible for a refund if KCBS is able to fill their spot with a paid entry. A refund of $240 (entry fee less $10 administration fee) will be issued. If KCBS is not able to fill the spot, a refund will not be issued. If a team withdraws from an event 30 or more days in advance, a refund of $240 (entry fee less $10 administration fee) will be issued.

  13. KCBS rules will apply to all contests.

  14. There will be no exemptions outside of the qualifying process that is defined below.

  15. The Qualifying Process: the following describes how a team can reach the National contest.

    1. 50 teams,10 from each regional event, will be invited to compete at the National contest.

    2. Every Region will have 5 local qualifying events.

      Region 1: Bartlett, TN
      Region 2: Edmond, OK
      Region 3: Madison, WI
      Region 4: Las Vegas, NV
      Region 5: Richmond, VA

    3. To qualify for the National Championship, a team must finish in the top 10 overall in a Regional event. The National Championship will have a total of 50 teams representing the 5 Regional competitions.

    4. To qualify for a Regional event, a team must finish in the top 6 overall at a local qualifying event. Each Regional will have a total of 30 teams competing.

  16. The Prize Purse: the following describes how the prize purse will be broken down for each Local, Regional and National contest:

    1. Local contests will have a $10,000 prize purse as follows:

      Grand Champion - $2,000
      Reserve Grand - $1,500
      3rd Overall - $1,000
      4th Overall - $750
      5th Overall - $500
      6th Overall - $250

      1st in each category - $300
      2nd in each category - $250
      3rd in each category - $200
      4th in each category - $150
      5th in each category - $100

    2. Regional contests will have a $20,000 prize purse as follows:

      Grand Champion - $5,000
      Reserve Grand - $3,000
      3rd Overall - $2,000
      4th Overall - $1,500
      5th Overall - $1,000
      6th Overall - $500
      7th Overall - $500
      8th Overall - $500
      9th Overall - $500
      10th Overall - $500

      1st in each category - $500
      2nd in each category - $300
      3rd in each category - $200
      4th in each category - $150
      5th in each category - $100

    3. The National Championship will have a $150,000 prize purse as follows:

      Grand Champion - $50,000
      Reserve Grand - $25,000
      3rd Overall - $7,000
      4th Overall - $6,000
      5th Overall - $4,000
      6th Overall - $3,000
      7th Overall - $2,000
      8th Overall - $1,000
      9th Overall - $1,000
      10th Overall - $1,000

      1st in each category - $4,000
      2nd in each category - $3,000
      3rd in each category - $2,000
      4th in each category - $1,250
      5th in each category - $750
      6th in each category - $500
      7th in each category - $400
      8th in each category - $300
      9th in each category - $200
      10th in each category - $100

    On-Site Rules and Regulations

    1. A mandatory Cooks' Meeting will be held at 4:00 p.m. on Friday before each event to go over the rules and to answer any questions about the current contest or about the series as a whole. The Tour Director will communicate the location.

    2. A mandatory Judges' Meeting will be held at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday to review the rules. The Series Director will communicate the location.

    3. Tour Logistics Coordinator will be on-site by 8:00 a.m. on Friday.

    4. Official load in time is 10:00 a.m. on Friday. Teams are permitted to stay overnight on Thursday, but they must move as far away from the store as possible.

    5. Official Power Time: Friday 12:00 p.m. - end of awards ceremony on Saturday

    6. No cooking of any kind may begin until meat has been inspected by the Official Meat Inspector. Meat inspection will be on Friday between 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (If a team CANNOT arrive in time for this inspection they must make alternative arrangements IN ADVANCE by contacting the Tour Director.

    7. Unless otherwise announced at and for a particular contest, teams are not allowed to distribute samples to the public.

    8. Pits must be clean.

    9. There must be no cigarette or cigar smoking, no dipping snuff and no chewing tobacco while handling the meat or preparing it for competition.

    10. Clothing, signs, banners, stickers, etc. that displays crude, rude or graphic details/words/images is not permitted.

    11. Cleanliness of the cook, assistant cooks and contest area is required, and the use of rubber or plastic gloves while handling the meats is mandatory.

    12. Cook sites will be supplied with up to 20 amps of electricity; generators may be permitted with prior approval from the Tour Director. Water sources will be available.

    13. Reminder: Each cook team must have an approved fire extinguisher on site.

    14. Contestants must provide all needed equipment and supplies.

    15. Pits, cookers, props, trailers, tents or any other equipment including generators may not exceed the boundaries of the team's assigned cooking space. Each team will have up to a 40 x 20 space. Some parking lots are smaller than others. Every effort will be made to accommodate your cooking equipment. Space will be used as efficiently as possible to minimize the impact on the local Sam's Club. All seasoning and cooking of product must be done within the confines of the team's assigned space.

    16. If ancillary contests are available at a particular location, the Tour Director will communicate those 48 hours in advance of the competition.

    17. A 9"x 9" Styrofoam container will be provided for each entry. Each team must submit enough pieces or enough of each entry for a table of six (6) judges. We encourage you to include as many portions as container space allows.

    18. All competitions in the Sam's Club National BBQ Tour will be blind judging only: Entries must be submitted in the numbered boxes provided by the contest representatives. The team number must show on top of the container at turn in. Boxes will then be re-numbered by the contest officials for submission to the judges.

    19. A container will be provided for hot ashes. After cooking is completed, please use this container to avoid fires and to help keep your area clean.

    20. It is the responsibility of the team to see that their assigned cooking space is kept clean and policed following the contest. All fires must be put out and all equipment removed from site. It is imperative that cleanup be thorough. Any team's assigned cooking space left in disarray or with loose trash, other than at trash containers, may disqualify that team from participation in future Sam's Club National BBQ Tour contests.

    21. Load out for teams will be from 5:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. on Saturday. Teams are permitted to stay overnight on Saturday, but they must move as far away from the store as possible.

    22. QUIET TIME is applicable from 10:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m. Excessive use of radios or amplifying equipment will not be allowed at any time and is grounds for disqualification; therefore, the considerate use of such equipment MUST be observed at all times. No live music will be permitted.

    23. No political signage is permitted. No signage or promotional material may be displayed or distributed without prior approval from Sam's Club officials, and no solicitation is allowed. Due to existing sponsorships and partnerships for the Sam's Club National BBQ Tour, Sam's Club and KCBS reserve the right to have any team sponsorship signage removed or covered up during the contest.

    24. It is the responsibility of each team to secure all items when not present. Lock food, beverages and valuables out of sight in vehicles, and extinguish all fires/flames, unplug outlets, secure pits, chairs, ice chests and store alcohol in locked containers.

    25. No motorized vehicles other than those used for loading in and out are permitted. This includes golf carts, mopeds, scooters, ATVs and go-carts.

    26. Decisions of the judges, KCBS and/or Sam's Club are final.

    Sam's Club and MMA Creative reserve the rights to add, remove and or edit any of the above rules and all entered teams will be given notice of any changes.

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