Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I would like to bring the KCBS style of cooking and judging and maybe even a contest to my country for the first time. What steps should I take to make this happen?
ANSWER: Start by contacting KCBS International.
We've found the best way for first time organizers to introduce KCBS style cooking in a country, is to have a combination KCBS style cooking/Certified Barbecue Judging Class, followed by a mock contest, which creates a KCBS community of cookers and judges. When teams and judges are established, a KCBS officially sanctioned contest is the next step…and the fun begins! We found it is possible to adhere to KCBS competition rules around the world, yet remain flexible in meeting the needs of our International organizers, teams and judges. We will be happy to guide you through this process, answer any and all questions, send you tons of information, and work to make this fit your needs.

Question: I would like to have a sanctioned contest and a Certified Barbecue Judging Class in my country. There are already other KCBS sanctioned contests here and I would like to put my contest on the schedule.
ANSWER: Contact KCBS International. You will be sent sanctioning information and we will guide you through the process of having your contest placed on the International Contest or Class Schedule. It is best not to download the US Sanctioning Request forms from the US section of the KCBS website. While KCBS requirements are the same, there are variations in the methods of payment, etc. that may not translate for International needs.

Question: I am a competition cook and I would like to compete in a country where it is not possible to take my cooker and all my gear. What should I do?
Contact the organizer of that contest using the contact information given to you (for that contest) on this website. We found most organizers are thrilled to welcome teams from every country. Organizers usually are very helpful in arranging equipment and contacts for the visiting teams. Occasionally an organizer will not have the space for a visiting team as they have limited spaces available and want their local teams to be able to compete.
Contact us and we will help facilitate your experience.

Question: I am a KCBS Certified BBQ judge and would like to judge a KCBS BBQ competition in another country . How should I go about being accepted to judge?
Using the contact information for that contest on our KCBS website, contact the organizer of the contest. Most organizers are very happy to welcome judges from countries other than their own. For US judges applying to judge Internationally, please understand the judges in other countries may have limited chances to judge nearby contests. Often the organizers are happy to include a few judges from far away, but they also want to be sure to give their more local judges experience. For International judges applying to judge in the US, follow the procedure outlined above and contact us if you need any assistance. All judges need to remember you are a guest in the other country and while KCBS rules stay the same, you should always appreciate the differences you experience!
If you would like our guidance or have any questions, please contact us.

Question: Do you have any advice or suggestions for those of us traveling in another country to cook or judge a KCBS contest?
Please be aware that you are responsible for your own travel itinerary and costs. Beyond your passport, there may be visas and other travel information from each country you are visiting you will need to secure before you leave. Check the official website of any country where you will be traveling to be sure you will have all of the required travel documents and border crossing information. Visa requirements may surprise you. We suggest you double check all of this information with your event organizer.
Teams, please be sure to double check border crossing requirements with the organizer, especially if you plan to carry meat cross an International border.

If you would like our guidance or have any further questions, you are welcome to contact us.

Question: I have been looking for a KCBS Certified Barbecue Judging Class and/or Table Captain Class in my country, but have not been able to find one to fit my schedule. May I take a Judging or Table Captain class in a country other than my own?
Yes! All of the International CBJ and Table Captain classes are taught by KCBS trained and certified Instructors and when you complete your training, you will be considered a CERTIFIED KCBS Barbecue Judge and/or Table Captain anywhere in the world! Look on this website under "CLASSES" to find available classes worldwide. Use the contact information you find there to enroll in the class in which you are interested.
If you would like our guidance or have any questions, you are welcome to contact us.

Question: What is the easiest way to Join KCBS or renew my KCBS membership?
Your membership can be renewed by clicking on the "Renew or Join" link in the top red band of this page. Fill out the renewal form and follow the directions for payment by using PayPal or calling the KCBS office at +1- 800-963-5227 to use your credit card.
If you are renewing your membership, when the drop down box appears, it is important to input your KCBS member number AND the phone number or the e-mail address you used when you first joined. For the next step, sure to click "foreign" so the appropriate International address form will appear.

If you have any questions or problems with this procedure, please contact us.

Question: How can International members purchase KCBS wearables and gear?
Shop and place your order (using PayPal) for KCBS wearables and gear at KCBSGEAR.com. When you have placed your order, it will be processed and the mailing weight will be calculated. Another invoice for the mailing cost will be sent to you via PayPal. Once you have received that invoice, you can either decide to cancel your order OR pay for your order AND the mailing costs via PayPal. When the total payment for your order have been received, your order will be shipped.

Question: What information can you give International teams to aid in our involvement with the KCBS Team of the Year (TOY) point chase?
You must register your Team AND Head Cook Number with KCBS to be eligible for KCBS TOY. The head cook must be a member of KCBS in good standing and the membership must be current. The head cook must indicate to the KCBS Office that he/she is the official head cook of the team. Please do this on your KCBS membership application or e-mail the KCBS office.
If you have any questions or concerns about your TOY points, please contact us.

The head cook should check with the KCBS Rep at every contest to be sure his/her KCBS Membership/Pitmaster Number is correct. If an incorrect head cook number is used to identify the team, the team name will be incorrect on the KCBS website and TOY points will not go to the correct team.