Gary and Carolyn Wells Awards

Brought to you by Jack Daniel's, named in honor of Kansas City Barbeque Society's co-founders, Carolyn and Gary Wells, the KCBS Wells Awards celebrate two distinct categories of excellence within the barbeque community.

The Gary Wells KCBS Sportsmanship Award is presented to a dedicated KCBS member who exemplifies the true spirit of barbeque sportsmanship. Recipients are individuals who consistently demonstrate qualities such as fairness, generosity, good character, and a strict adherence to the rules of competition, with exceptional instances of good sportsmanship showcased at KCBS barbeque contests.

The Carolyn Wells Ambassador Award recognizes outstanding KCBS members who personify the qualities of an exceptional ambassador for the organization. Honorees of this award are KCBS members who not only possess impeccable character but also actively promote KCBS to the wider public and foster a positive image in the barbeque community.
These awards serve as a testament to the remarkable individuals who contribute to the growth and integrity of KCBS.

Nominations: Any KCBS member in good standing may nominate a fellow member in good standing for this award and it is not limited to cooks, judges, contest reps, etc. A KCBS member may not nominate him or herself or a close family member. Members of the KCBS Board of Directors are not eligible to be nominated while serving on the Board.
Nominations open on October 1st and close on October 31, 2024 and must include a letter of support. 

Nomination for the Gary Wells Sportsmanship Award

Nomination for the Carolyn Wells Ambassador Award