KCBS Foundation

KCBS Foundation Scholarship Eligibility and Requirements

The Foundation is designed to recognize passionate members of KCBS who have helped to make an impact on their community. The scholarships can be used for 2 or 4 year degrees or technical/trade schools. In 2023, the Foundation was able to award eight scholarships to deserving students from around the country. Click the link below to see if you or a loved one will be eligible to apply for a scholarship this year.

Memoriam Scholarships

The Foundation has five named scholarships recognizing passionate KCBS members who have made an impact in their community.

Dave Compton

Dave Compton was a long time KCBS member, a master judge with 100+ judging competitions under his belt, and, also known as Judge #6, was a well-loved member of the KCBS family. During his tenure as a KCBS Board Member, Dave spearheaded the transformation of the KCBS scholarship program into one that was standards-driven with a rigorous application process. Helping young people receive the advanced technical training or higher education they needed to become successful in life was extremely important to him.

Anne Lauer

Anne Lauer was a remarkable woman whose passion for cooking and commitment to the community left a lasting mark on everyone she touched. As a Master Certified Barbecue Judge, Anne was not only passionate about cooking but also dedicated to fostering a sense of camaraderie by feeding those around her. Anne found joy in sharing her culinary creations with others, and her talent in the kitchen earned her numerous accolades throughout the years. Her dedication to the art of barbecue continues in her sons and grandchildren. In the wake of Anne's passing, the Lauer family is creating a scholarship with KCBS to ensure her legacy and inspire future generations.

Craig Layman

Craig Layman was a Kansas City native involved with numerous community associations in addition to KCBS. This scholarship serves to support a community-oriented student involved in KCBS. Beyond the act of volunteering, what stood out about Craig was how he connected to his fellow volunteers. He sought out individuals who needed assistance, who were new to the association, or who needed help. He solidified his legacy by his unwavering inclusiveness, quickly turning acquaintances into friends, and always providing a sense of comfort and support to those in their new beginnings. His legacy of support continues with this scholarship available to future helpers.

Marge Plummer

KCBS lost a barbeque legend in August 2021 when Marge Plummer, KCBS member #1339, passed away. Marge was well known and well-loved among the BBQ family. She was a Master CBJ, had judged over 400 contests, was a past recipient of the Carolyn Wells Ambassador Award, and held the honor of a PhB in BBQ. Marge also helped in any and all capacities involved in a contest, often serving as the judge coordinator several times a year. Her trademark hats and signature hugs made her stand out from the crowd. Marge’s friends came together to honor her by establishing this scholarship in her memory.

George Stone

George Stone was a passionate member of the award-winning father-son cook team, Cool Smoke. He was the night fire tender for the team and a friend to all on the KCBS competition circuit. Respected and loved by all who met him, George especially loved the kids of the BBQ circuit, spending time with them and cheering them on.

Memoriam Scholarships

To support the KCBS Foundation's scholarship fund or to honor the memory of a beloved member through the establishment of a named scholarship, please reach out to philanthropy@kcbs.us or call the office directly at 1-800-963-5227.

Create a Facebook Fundraiser

Perhaps you’ve seen friends creating fundraisers for their birthdays or celebrating other milestones.  Now you can do the same for the KCBS Foundation.  We’ve set up the KCBS Foundation on the list of non-profits within Facebook for making fundraising donations.  It’s super simple to set up and promote.  You can set and adjust fundraising goals over time; sharing to your friends and the public.  After the fundraiser is complete, Facebook will send the funds to KCBS Foundation. 

  • To create a fundraiser on Facebook, go to www.facebook.com/fundraisers.  Click on Select Non-Profit, then enter Kansas City Barbeque Society Foundation in the search bar.  Facebook will then prompt you with instructions on how to complete the setup. 
  • Set the goal amount you are trying to raise, determine the end date of the fundraiser, add a personal explanation of why you are asking people to give and include an image to display.  It will then post to your timeline for others to see and then donate. 
  • Sometimes Facebook will send you a notification a few weeks before your birthday asking if you want to set up a fundraiser.  Just follow the prompts and enter Kansas City Barbeque Society Foundation.