Supporting the KCBS Foundation

The Kansas City Barbeque Society Foundation is a 501c(3), so all donations are tax-deductible.  Funds raised provide scholarships to graduating high school seniors and continuing college students who are children of KCBS members.  It’s easy to support the KCBS Foundation:
Donate directly:  You can make a tax-deductible donation via check, credit card, or Stripe.
  • For credit card donations, simply click here.
  • For donations by check, mail to KCBS Foundation, 2519 Madison Ave, Ste 100, Kansas City, MO 64108. 
  • For more information on donations, call our office directly at 1-800-963-5227 or email 
Donate in memory of a lost loved one:  A donation in memory of someone to the KCBS Foundation is a meaningful way to pay tribute to KCBS members who have passed away by making donations available in their honor to the Foundation.  To learn more about this special way of honoring a lost loved one, please click here.
Create a Facebook fundraiser:  Perhaps you’ve seen friends creating fundraisers for their birthdays or celebrating other milestones.  Now you can do the same for the KCBS Foundation.  We’ve set up the KCBS Foundation on the list of non-profits within Facebook for making fundraising donations.  It’s super simple to set up and promote.  You can set and adjust fundraising goals over time; sharing to your friends and the public.  After the fundraiser is complete, Facebook will send the funds to KCBS Foundation. 
  • To create a fundraiser on Facebook, go to  Click on “Select Non-Profit”, then enter “Kansas City Barbeque Society Foundation” in the search bar.  Facebook will then prompt you with instructions on how to complete the setup. 
  • Set the goal amount you are trying to raise, determine the end date of the fundraiser, add a personal explanation of why you are asking people to give and include an image to display.  It will then post to your timeline for others to see and then donate. 
  • Sometimes Facebook will send you a notification a few weeks before your birthday asking if you want to set up a fundraiser.  Just follow the prompts and enter “Kansas City Barbeque Society Foundation”. 
The funds raised will be collected through Facebook and automatically sent to the KCBS Foundation.  You don’t have to do a thing.  When friends click to donate, they are shown a new screen where they can enter a donation amount via credit card or PayPal.  They will get a receipt and email confirmation.
We recommend a personal explanation about why you are asking people to donate.  Here is an example from a previous fundraiser:
“BBQ is family! For my milestone birthday this year, I'm raising money for the Kansas City Barbeque Society Foundation! All money raised will go toward scholarships for kids within the Barbeque community, as well as community outreach to drive education and love of barbeque! Since we can’t all celebrate together (yet), I’d greatly appreciate if you help me help others with a donation.”
It’s a great idea to include a photo, too (i.e. pictures with your family, your BBQ family, at a competition, in school, or other appropriate images).
Contact our office directly at 1-800-963-5227 or email  if you need further assistance.