KCBS Seal of Approval

The Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) Seal of Approval indicates a brand that has reached the highest level of recognition from the organization.  Consumers and retailers know this seal means the brand is of the highest quality and is barbeque-ready.  To earn the KCBS Seal of Approval, a brand must submit to review and/or testing by KCBS and be deemed appropriate and valuable to our members and barbeque enthusiasts everywhere.

The KCBS Seal of Approval is available to a wide range of brands.  KCBS will consider food and non-food products, barbeque-related and non-barbeque items, service providers, beverages, and even organizations or companies. 

For more information on how your brand can apply to receive the KCBS Seal of Approval, click here.

Participating Sponsors

Sadler's Smokehouse

For its seventh year, Sadler's Smokehouse, North America's leader in premium pit-smoked meats, has earned the official Seal of Approval from the Kansas City Barbeque Society for its brisket products. Sadler's earned the Seal through a process that includes Board evaluation of its products based on the standard KCBS judging requirements of appearance, taste and tenderness.

The BBQ Cleaner

Congratulations to BBQ Cleaner, who has been awarded the Kansas City Barbeque Society Seal of Approval. The BBQ Cleaner offers a sizzling business opportunity and will get you started with your own kit of cleaning products, an operations manual, initial cleaning, 1 on 1 training, personalized marketing materials and ongoing business support! They will walk you through the entire process to ensure that you get your company set up fully and functionally. The BBQCleaner will also offer on-going support.