Jason Hardee

  1. Why do you want to be a member of the KCBS Board of Directors? 
    I believe that KCBS is the best BBQ Competition Sanctioning body out there, and I want to help KCBS stay on top. To do this I would like to see KCBS increase its membership numbers, increase the number of Sanctioned BBQ events and increase the public awareness of KCBS. This will allow both the Judges and Teams the opportunity to do something they love and are passionate about.
  2. Identify the major issues ( Cook, Judge, Organizer, Rep or Backyard Cook) in which you are  involved.
    I am currently part of KCBS as an Organizer and a Cook Team.
    From the Organizer prospective, the major issues that I would identify are: establishing new contests and dealing with the evolving Covid safety guidelines. 

    As the organizer for the Darlington Speed and Feed 2020, first time event, I got to experience both of these issues at the same time.  We had teams at the track waiting to get in when I got the call that said we could not have the event at the racetrack. I was able to find a new venue and relocate the contest to that location within 2 hrs of being notified about it could not be held at the original location. Most all the teams and the judges came to the event’s new location and it was a blast. 
    This also led into the development of the Rufus Teague BBQ Throw Down Series. 
  3. Identify your major short-term goal and the major long-term goal, if elected to the Board of KCBS and your plan to implement change or improvement in order to carry out each of these goals.
    The short term goal deals with the Organizer/KCBS relationship. Just like any new member to a team, the new member always feel lost and they do not know the correct questions to ask. That is why there are Captains on the football teams. Their job is to help build up the confidence of the “New Guys” to prevent them from quitting or failing the team.   KCBS needs to identify Captains that are passionate about helping new contests start off successfully. 

    The long term goal is help KCBS get into the 21st century with technology. This will allow the contest to have the award earlier and allow the judges to hang around and attend the awards. We have been emailing the contest results for most of the season at the Rufus Teague BBQ Series and the awards have been happening around 3:30pm.  This has proven to be well received, fast and efficient. 
    We have enjoyed having more judges hang around for the awards than ever before. 
    The teams have enjoyed the opportunity to get home on Saturday night at decent hours. 
  4. The KCBS Board of Directors is a working board that spends 10-20 hours and possibly more per month in furthering the mission of KCBS depending on your role as a member of the board. If elected, please explain “ Your level of Commitment, Time and Energy “ in your role as a director.
    For KCBS to continue to grow we need to be willing to step up and help. I am currently working with a great group of people to establish new contest for 2021. For those events to be successful we need KCBS to continue to be successful. I am more than willing to volunteer my time to help with that. 
  5. List how you have participated in KCBS and for how long?
    I have been a KCBS member since 2010 and in that time I have been an active cook team, active organizer and on KCBS committees. 
    The contest that we organized was the first contest to come back after the Covid outbreak. 
    So, I am active in almost every area of KCBS.
  6. What skills do you possess that might help the KCBS Board of Directors in its mission, ie, Accounting, Legal, Marketing, etc.? How do you see using these skills as a KCBS Board of Director member?
    In my professional career, I am a Project Manager in charge of School Construction. So, the skills I bring to the table include keeping projects on task, on time and to the highest quality. 

    I am hoping for the opportunity to use these skills as a KCBS Board Member.