Linda Hogg

Linda Hogg

1 - Why do you want to be a member of the KCBS Board of Directors?

I feel it is important to remember that the majority of this organization is fueled by volunteers. As a longtime volunteer and volunteer manager I feel I can help the KCBS organization understand the needs, wants and challenges of volunteers. I feel I can bring the voice of the volunteers to the board to make it a stronger organization as a whole.

2 – Identify the major areas (Cook, Judge, Organizer, Rep) in which you are involved.   

I have been a KCBS certified BBQ since 2009. I became a Master BBQ judge and lifetime member as of July of 2022.

3 – Identify your major short-term goal and the major long-term goal, if elected to the Board of KCBS and your plan to implement change or improvement in order to carry out each of these goals.

As a new board member my immediate goal would be to understand the direction the current Board is heading towards in regards to policy, financial, education and growth.

My short-term goal would be to help organizers, teams and judges better understand the process of a contest and how all the roles are dependent upon each other for the contest to be a success. This process would include making sure all entities conform to the same rules, policies and processes. This consistency would help create a comfort level for organizers, teams, judges and volunteers at any contest around the world.

A long-term goal is to create new opportunities for volunteers to be involved with KCBS. This will eventually create a stronger organization with a larger reach. While it is extremely important to make sure an organization has deep roots financially, it must also be widespread to maintain those roots. If only a small portion on the public understands what KCBS is and what its benefits are, then it cannot grow.

4 – The KCBS Board of Directors is a working board that spends 10-20 hours and possibly more per month in furthering the mission of KCBS depending on your role as a member of the board. If elected, please explain “Your level of Commitment, Time and Energy” in your role as a director.

My level of commitment, time and energy to the KCBS board would be “all in.” My job allows me to work from anywhere, most of the time. I strongly feel that if you take on any role, whether it be support or leadership, it should be with a full commitment to participate and contribute.  

5 – List how you have participated in KCBS and for how long?

My introduction to KCBS was through a local contest in 2008. The organizer was looking for people to help with the different areas. I signed up to help with the judging area. From that moment on I have been hooked on KCBS. I helped locally with the contest, certified as a judge in 2009 and have since judged all over Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Iowa and Arkansas. I’ve judged at the Royal and of course volunteered as a Certified Table Captain and other areas as needed. I even weathered a tornado during a weekend cooking with a team for my Masters.

6 – What skills do you possess that might help the KCBS Board of Directors in its mission, ie, member?

I have been a Certified Volunteer Manager and organize over 300 volunteers in our community. Within my current position as Director, I manage four grant budgets and several local, state and federal funding streams. In my past career I worked in print media as a graphic designer. Knowing how to listen to your customer base, setting your ego and needs aside and meeting deadlines was an essential part of that job. Most importantly, however, is the leadership trainings I have graduated from and what I took from those. Those practices include understanding there are several interpretations to a problem, don’t jump too quickly to solutions, listen to all the voices and COMMUNICATE!