Celebrate Real Pork Series

Celebrate Real Pork Series 

The Kansas City Barbeque Society and the National Pork Board have created a new ancillary series called Celebrate Real Pork.  This is a dual-ancillary program where selected Organizers will host both a Pork Chop ancillary contest AND a pork Kids ’Que ancillary contest.  These ancillary contests will be held in conjunction with KCBS-sanctioned Master and/or Backyard Series contests held in the continental United States.

For the 2021 season, there will be up to 12 of the dual ancillary competitions planned plus the series finale at the KCBS World Invitational.

Thousands of dollars in extra prize money and bragging rights will be up for grabs! Winning recipes and photos will also be featured across KCBS and National Pork Board websites and social channels.

Celebrate Real Pork Series Contests

For this inaugural year of the Celebrate Real Pork Series, KCBS and the National Pork Board are encouraging Organizers of KCBS-sanctioned events to apply for their competition to host the ancillary contests.  Organizers are encouraged to click to review all the benefits and responsibilities of hosting both the Pork Chop ancillary contest and a pork Kids ’Que ancillary contest during the 2021 BBQ season.

The application period closes February 25.  Check back here after then to see the full list of selected contests. 

Rules For Teams 

National Pork Board Pork Chop – KCBS Ancillary Category Rules

1. A bone-in Pork Chop must be the primary protein in the entry.  Other proteins may be used in a supporting role (e.g., bacon-wrapped or sausage-stuffed).  The Pork Chop must be bone-in, cooked with bone attached, and served on the bone.  The Pork Chop shall be a Porterhouse Pork Chop, Ribeye Pork Chop, Sirloin Pork Chop, or a Blade Chop as long as it is bone-in.  Cook Teams are to provide their own Pork Chops and shall be subject to meat inspection.  Pre-cooked thickness shall be between 1 and 1-1/2 inch.

2. All KCBS Master Series Rules and Regulations shall apply with the following exceptions:

     a. You are NOT required to present in the provided Styrofoam container.  If not using the Styrofoam container, the overall size shall not exceed 18 x 24 inches and a maximum height of 18-inches. One person must be able to easily carry the entry.  A 22-inch round or a barrel head is also acceptable.  The Styrofoam container number must be affixed in a visible location when using an alternative container or tray.

     b. Only one entry per team is allowed.  At the cook‘s discretion, you may turn-in either:

          i. A minimum of six (6) separate bone-in portions -or-

          ii. One (1) bone-in portion plus a minimum of six (6) separate boneless portions for Taste and Tenderness.  The boneless pieces must come from the same bone-in cut and cooked as the presentation chop. 

     c. Accompanying or complementary edible ingredients ARE allowed (e.g., mashed potatoes, dressing, gravy, relish, fruits, vegetables, cheese, bread, etc.). If used, these shall be part of the individual serving portions and cannot be used as a container garnish.

     d. Contest Organizers are not responsible for returning trays, bowls, decorations, or any other items used for turn-in if team elects not to use the Styrofoam container.   

National Pork Board Kids ’Que – KCBS Ancillary Category Rules

1. There will be 2 age divisions, ages 10 and under, and ages 11 through 15.

     a. Ages 10 and under shall cook ground pork (Younger)

     b. Ages 11 through 15 shall cook boneless pork chops (Older)

2. Each entry submitted shall be cooked by one child only. 

3. Cooks are to provide their own meat and shall be subject to meat inspection.

4. A supervising adult must be present with the child during the entire cooking competition and may help with cutting, preparing or maintaining the heat source, or anything deemed dangerous. The supervising adult may also assist with checking the final temperature of the protein. 

5. The supervising adult should allow the child to make their own decisions; however, they are allowed to coach verbally.  Remember that this should be fun for the child and allowing the child to make their own decisions is part of the experience.

6. The child must do the preparation, cooking, and presentation. This means that the child should be able to put his/her own protein on the grill/smoker, turn his/her own protein on the grill/smoker, remove the protein from the grill/smoker, and do all garnishing (if garnish is being used). If a child is unable to do all of these, he/she may not possess the skill to cook.

7. All KCBS Master Series rules shall apply with the following exceptions:

     a. Cooks are encouraged to turn-in at least six (6) separate, identifiable portions just like with Master Series.  However, this will not impact the judge‘s scores, positively or negatively, nor lead to a disqualification.  If needed, judges will be prepared to slice / divide the entry as presented at the judging table.

     b. KCBS rules on garnish do NOT apply.  Additionally, other proteins may be used in a supporting role (e.g., bacon) as long as the ground pork (Younger) or boneless pork chop (Older) remains the primary protein. Accompanying or complementary ingredients (e.g., vegetables, cheese, buns/bread, fruits, etc.) are also allowed.

     c. Team space may be shared by individual Kids ’Que participants and use the same cooking device or grill/smoker.