Turkey Smoke Series

Turkey Smoke Series

To further inspire pitmasters about the versatility of turkey on the smoker, the National Turkey Federation is continuing their partnership with the Kansas City Barbeque Society for the Turkey Smoke Series. The Turkey Smoke Series will incorporate a turkey category into select KCBS-sanctioned contests across the U.S. during the 2021 barbeque season. Thousands of dollars in extra prize money and bragging rights will be up for grabs! Winning recipes will also be featured across KCBS and the National Turkey Federation websites and social channels.

Turkey Smoke Contests

The time has ended for Organizers of KCBS-sanctioned events to apply for their competition to host one of the 2021 Turkey Smoke ancillary contests.  We received a ton of great applications and are currently reviewing them.  Check back here by March 1 to see the full list of Turkey Smoke contest dates and locations.

Turkey Smoke Rules For Teams 

Turkey Smoke is a KCBS ancillary competition category, presented in partnership with the National Turkey Federation.  From tried-and-true traditional smoked and sliced turkey to preparations with a unique twist, the goal of the Turkey Smoke category is to highlight the applications and versatility of turkey in barbeque.  Please note that the rules for Turkey Smoke have changed since the 2020 season and these updated 2021 rules should be read carefully prior to competing.

Turkey Smoke Rules – 2021

  1. Turkey must be the primary protein in the entry.  Other proteins may be used in a supporting role (e.g., bacon-wrapped or sausage-stuffed).  Sliced, pulled, or chopped turkey is acceptable in an entry; ground turkey is NOT an acceptable entry.  Turkey may be presented with or without skin. 

  2. Each contestant will be provided complimentary turkey product, typically a boneless skin-on breast, with the exact cut to be determined with the Organizer prior to the contest.  Contestants are encouraged to use the product provided, but are welcome to utilize their own turkey product, provided it is not ground turkey.  All contestant-provided proteins are subject to meat inspection. 

  3. All KCBS Master Series Rules and Regulations shall apply with the following exceptions:
    1. A food thermometer shall be used to ensure a safe minimum internal temperature of 165 F has been reached.
    2. Accompanying or complementary edible ingredients ARE allowed (e.g., mashed potatoes, dressing, gravy, relish, fruits, vegetables, cheese, bread, etc.).  If used, these shall be part of the individual serving portions and cannot be used as a container garnish.
    3. Clearly identifiable toothpicks and skewers are also allowed. 

Please contact the contest‘s KCBS Rep with any additional questions.